Looking for some good zombie literature to sink your teeth into? Here is what’s currently available under the SAZA brand:
Zombie ZA Book


Pages: 120 pages
Retail Price: R130 (incl. VAT)
Publication Date: June 2016
Genre: Self-Help / Horror
You’re alive. Then you’re dead. Then alive again…?
Welcome to Team Z.Being a zombie in modern-day South Africa comes with its own set of problems. How do you act at a braai? How do you tell your family? What do you eat at the bioscope?Zombie ZA is your guide to coping with being undead in SA, while biding your time until that pesky Apocalypse catches up with you. Stuffed with tips for the recently reanimated and tricks for the undead, we help you to hide in plain sight without anyone noticing that you’re dying to take a bite out of them (pun intended!). Let the Apocalypse begin!All in an easy-to-understand volume for the living impaired!

South African Zombie Apocalypse Book

Pages: 135 pages
Retail Price: R130 (incl. VAT)
Publication Date: May 2015
Genre: Survival Guide/ Horror
Ding-Dong.There’s a horde of flesh-craving zombies at your front door.What do you do?

  1. Grab your cricket bat and start swinging
  2. Activate your well-prepared survival plan
  3. Drop, curl into the fetal position and cry uncontrollably

Your survival will depend on what you know.

The Zombie Apocalypse is coming and you need to be prepared. The South African Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide will give you the upper hand when the dead start roaming your neighbourhood. Learn everything you need to know about how to kill a zombie, which weapons to use, and where to go when the rotting carcasses hit the fan. We even give tips on what to wear, what to drive, and even where to loot.

Preparation and knowledge of what to do will be imperative on your journey to survival – but most importantly… don’t get chowed!


Pages: 180 pages
Retail Price: R130 (incl. VAT)
Publication Date: August 2014
Genre: Young Adult Fiction/ HorrorSouth Africa has been infected. The army and police failed.
Government fell. And now the dead roam the streets.

Journal of a South African Zombie Apocalypse is a post-apocalyptic story set in South Africa, 2 years after a mysterious outbreak has ravaged the country. No one seems to know how it started, but now most of the rainbow nation is mindless, walking zombies. It’s survive or be eaten. After their supplies run out, 16 year old Kon, his brother and father leave their Pretoria home and embark on a journey to reach Robben Island, a reputed safe haven. Along the way they befriend other survivors, and face an unrecognizable new world filled with new, unpredictable dangers.

Oh, and there’s lots and lots of zombies. Journal of a South African Zombie Apocalypse is a coming of age story in a very different South Africa, and chronicles one family’s fight for survival against the walking dead.