About the author

Lee Herrmann was born and raised in South Africa. He has always had a fascination with zombies and has numerous contingency plans for the eventual Apocalypse. Therefore, while he waited, it made sense to write books about surviving zombies in South Africa.

He has a great love of comic books, movies, television and popular culture, Lee cites his zombie favourites such as 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead and The Walking Dead. He currently works as a Creative Strategist in the gaming and hospitality sector, and has had a varied writing background including copywriting, writing for web, radio and magazines.. He is also the author of the mystery title, The Manservant Mysteries (www.TheManservantMysteries.com).

Lee lives in Pretoria with his wife Dina, and two sons, Max and Nik. Every Saturday night he can be found going to the movies with his best friend Steve-Dave.